Personal liability and household insurance

The Swiss like insuring themselves and their property and are generally very well covered. They are among the world’s best payers of insurance premiums.

As a basic principle, personal liability and household insurance are not mandatory in Switzerland, although they are advisable.

Premiums and insurance benefits differ markedly between providers. At external pagecomparis, you can compare prices and benefits across the various providers.

external pageLiability insurance is not mandatory. It is, however, strongly recommended to purchase liability insurance. This insurance protects you from claims for damages if you injure another person or damage property belonging to another person.

There is no special insurance for cyclists but they are recommended to take out personal liability insurance.

Some landlords insist on seeing evidence of your personal liability insurance before you can sign a rental agreement.

Car owners must take out third-party vehicle insurance. This form of insurance protects you in the event of claims for damage to property and personal injury from third parties.

Household insurance cover for your home covers damage caused by fire, water, theft or glass breakage. You are recommended to have this insurance. This is often combined with personal liability insurance.

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