Application Master

ETH Zurich ranks as one of the top international universities in the technical and scientific disciplines. Depending on your educational background, there are different requirements for your application to our Master's degree programmes. 

Who will be admitted?

Admission to its Master's degree programmes is highly selective. We are looking for applications from excellent Bachelor graduates from universities comparable to ETH Zurich that meet the degree-specific requirement profiles.

Switzerland’s education system is very selective, commencing in high school. ETH's undergraduate programmes are highly competitive and only the very best students pass the rigorous exams in the first years of the Bachelor’s degree programmes. The level of basic education is thus very high and the Master's degree programmes build on this foundation.

Hence, we expect no less from candidates that are admitted to our graduate programmes and, in general, only strong students from internationally reputed universities are accepted.

The international university landscape is highly diverse and offers countless options. The chances of being admitted to one of the Master’s degree programmes at ETH Zürich are better for applicants who have been educated in a relevant subject area at a comparable level and have achieved excellent academic results.

When evaluating international applications, we orientate ourselves to the established university rankings (THE, QS, etc.) as well as to previous admission experiences. We also look favourably at candidates from nationally top ranked universities.

Admission decision

After your application has been screened by the Admissions Office and assessed by the Admissions Committee, a written admission decision is sent to you for downloading on eApply.

Decisions are normally issued within 2-3 months of the submission deadline.

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