Cycling to ETH?

Absolutely! To encourage travelling by bike, ETH Zurich is providing parking spaces, stations with bike pumps and tools, and a Velo Box on the Hönggerberg campus.

And thanks to attractive bike-sharing schemes, you don't even have to own a bike to use one!


Are you looking for an official parking space at another ETH Zurich location? and they will be happy to assist you.

Velo Box

Secure and sheltered: Any ETH member with a valid ETH ID can park their bike in the lock-up Velo Box on the Hönggerberg campus, situated on level C of the underground car park P1 at the HP building. There are a total of 42 spaces.

Follow these four steps:

  1. Fill in the registration form for Downloadstudents (PDF, 105 KB) or Downloademployees (PDF, 148 KB) beforehand or at the parking counter (HEZ E 26.4, Hönggerberg).
  2. Pay the annual fee of CHF 50 in cash (valid to 31.12.20xx).
  3. Receive allocation of numbered parking lot one day later (max. 24 hours)
  4. Activate your ETH card for use with the Velo Box at one of the Cardlink terminals:
Cardlink terminal

Cardlink terminals are to be find in the following Downloadbuildings on Hönggerberg (PDF, 96 KB)
– HIL, ground floor near the ISC
– HCI, ground floor near by the alarm control unit
– HPP, ground floor entrance hall

Two pumps for bikes or motorbikes are available at both the Zentrum and Hönggerberg campuses. In addition, a toolbox is provided for minor repairs.

You’ll find a battery charging station for public use in the motorcycle garage of the ETH main building at Zentrum (HG, TöGa).

You’ll find everything you need to get your bike back on the road in the HWW building on Hönggerberg. The bike workshop is also a meeting place where you can exchange ideas and help one another.

Bike-sharing offers


ETH Zurich has a fleet of 25 e-bikes which can be used around the clock by all ETH members. You’ll now find e-bikes at the CHN building near the city centre, as well as on the Hönggerberg campus and at the ONA and OCT buildings in Oerlikon. Ideal for when you’re out and about in the city or pedalling to and fro between Hönggerberg and Zentrum!

Download the app, sign up using your ETH email address, and you're off to a flying start!

There's just one thing to remember: Your booking must start and finish at an Urban Connect charging station.

Have a smooth and safe ride!


A great way to commute – at a discount for ETH members!

The PubliBike special offer is proving popular, with more than 3,000 ETH members signing up each year. In order to ensure quality of service and availability, we need to raise the price of the ETH annual pass slightly. As ETH is continuing to sponsor the station on the Hönggerberg campus, you still benefit from a reduced rate. The Business Bike subscription will cost CHF 70 per year as of 01.07.2021.

The app makes it quick and convenient to hire bikes and e-bikes. You'll find a number of stations around ETH Zentrum, and one on the Hönggerberg campus. Discounts will continue to apply.

Further information

Team E-Bike

The team e-bike offer is designed to promote the sustainable mobility and flexibility of ETH teams. The two-wheelers, which are intended exclusively for business trips, can be rented by ETH members by . The fee includes bike maintenance and repair.

protected pageDetails about the offer

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